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Local DVD copy protection available

Businesses desiring to protect proprietary DVDs can now get them copy-protected through a local business. Easy Editdiskloksmall Video has purchased copy-protection equipment that prevents unauthorized duplication of DVDs.   

According to company President David Zuckerman the technology automatically encrypts copy protection into each DVD during the duplication process. The protected disc plays normally on a DVD player or drive, but the embedded encryption makes the disc almost impossible to copy.

The new technology is built into a stand-alone DVD duplication tower and does not require a computer or proprietary software. Therefore, clients can get their discs copy protected without having to purchase a license or pay a per-copy royalty fee.

The technology reduces the theft of copyrighted programs including sales and marketing presentations, instructional and informational programs, how-to videos, corporate communications, training seminars and product presentations.

Zuckerman says it is also useful for musicians, speakers, theatrical performers, photographers, writers, film-makers, and other creative artists who wish to distribute their DVDs without fear of copyright infringement.

A certified City of Jacksonville Small Business Enterprise, Easy Edit Video ( also provides on-location production and non-linear video editing to both corporate and consumer clients.

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