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Ezell Law Firm offers flat-fee rates

Newly opened Ezell Law Firm is offering a flat-fee billing method. The new billing method breaks from the standard

Brenda Ezell

Brenda Ezell

billable-hour model that many law firms across the country have used for decades.

“My clients know they can call me at any time and ask the questions they need to because I am not charging them for every minute of our conversation,” said Brenda Ezell, founder and owner of the Ezell Law Firm, which opened in March. “Especially in today’s tough financial times, clients need someone they can depend on who is sensitive to how current economic conditions are impacting both their time and their money.”

Ezell is offering the new billing method in part as a response to the current economy and in part because it is more beneficial to clients. She said it also removes the administrative burden of timekeeping. Most of Ezell’s clients work in the commercial real estate industry or the corporate and business sectors, which are the sectors primarily impacted by the current economy.

Ezell Law Firm is located at 4651 Salisbury Road, Suite 415, Jacksonville, Fla. More information about Ezell Law Firm is available by calling (904) 253-7879 or visiting

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