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Some employers experience worker shortages

Despite the surplus of laid-off workers due to the recession, some employers are finding it hard to fill open positions. manpowerAccording to an annual talent-shortage survey conducted by Manpower, Inc., a global staffing agency. The survey tapped into the opinions of 39,000 employers in 33 countries, including 2,000 in the United States.

In America, the 10 jobs businesses find hardest to fill are:

1. Engineers

2. Nurses

3. Skilled/manual trades

4. Teachers

5. Sales representatives

6. Technicians

7. Drivers

8. IT staff

9. Laborers

10. Machinists/machine operators

Each of the 10 job categories on the 2009 list has appeared on the list in the past, according to Manpower. Even with unemployment at or near record levels in many communities, Manpower’s research highlights the problem many employers are having finding individuals with the right combination of job-specific skills, experience, training and soft skills.

Source: Manpower, Inc.

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