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Webcast shows how to use social media in marketing

If you are wondering how to include social media in your marketing webinarcampaign, consider viewing a free Webcast offered by VistaPrint,, a small business marketing company. The Webcast is entitled “Jump In: Using Social Media To Forge Relationships And Expand Your Brand.” Available in the “On Demand Marketing Tips” section of its learning center, the Web cast is free to visitors.

The session is designed to show small businesses how they can use a number of the social media and social networking tools available online for a number of goals, including professional networking, as well as customer interaction, acquisition, and retention. Many companies around the world have started to engage and interact with customers using social networking sites. Success comes from networking in a number of different forms, including micro-blogging sites, networking sites, and lifestyle domains. These public sites have become havens for customers wishing to find out more and talk directly to the businesses they are visiting.

“Social networking is really something that all businesses should consider, even small businesses, as a way to better reach customers, leads, and also potential partners,” said Mindy Sanderson, small business marketing specialist at VistaPrint. “While it may seem like a time consuming and somewhat scary prospect, the truth is that it really doesn’t have to be. In fact you can coordinate your existing marketing efforts with your social networking efforts for a seamless transition. We’ll show you how in this Webinar.”

This session covers the basics of social networking and social media, including which sites you should be using, how to set up your own unique pages and accounts, and how to sync your offline efforts to raise online traffic and buzz for your brand. There will also be real life examples of small businesses that are making social media work for them.

For more on using social media for marketing, see “New marketing techniques: What your competitors don’t know.”

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