How to take Advantage of our Web site

Through education we can build better businesses faster! We invite you to engage in this Web site and comment on what you see; make business connections; and become educated on topics you need to know. We small business owners are a strong and resourceful group who makes a habit of doing more with less. We stick together and are committed to helping build more efficient and profitable companies. Jacksonville Small Business Advantage lets you stay connected in a variety of ways–through our print publication, e-newsletters, in-person peer-to-peer groups, daily Web postings, and even through monthly professional-development events.

Welcome to the Advantage Web site, your premier source in the Jacksonville, Fl.-area of small business information you can use. Our goal is to provide you with information you can put to use right away to improve your small business’ success.
As you explore our Web site, you will find information in a number of categories:

• Featured Articles. Click on this section to find articles clustered in the categories you will find in the magazine: Profiles of Jacksonville businesses, Down to Business articles (marketing, human resources, finance, and management), and Industry Insider Advantage (guest columns). Sometimes you’ll even find a late-breaking news item of great importance.

• News. Not just any news—this is news covering small business. You’ll find the latest information from the U.S. Small Business Administration, but you’ll also discover trends in marketing, finance, taxes, management, employment, and other areas as they affect your business.

• Business Briefs. Being in the know about news affecting small business is important, but so is knowing what’s happening in the small business community in Jacksonville. Business Briefs keeps you posted. (Do you have a press release about your business? Send it to the editor so we can post it in Business Briefs.)

• On the Street. In every issue of the magazine, Advantage sends out a reporter who polls several small business owners about a “burning issue.” They give their views and sometimes share their secrets. If you’d like to be quoted in On the Street, contact the editor.

• Web Articles. Our Web site often gives you a sneak preview of the print magazine, but it also offers you information that is only available online.

• Quick Tip. This is a weekly update, a gem that make your operation more efficient or effective.

• Poll. What’s your opinion? Offer it anonymously on our poll.
Advantage is a dynamic Web site. And it is part of a system of providing you with the tools you need to succeed. It will be growing, adding more features in the future, such as Pod casts and video.

We welcome your feedback. You can comment at the end of each article, or send an e-mail to the editor.